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Having worked in IT since the 90's I have seen a lot of change in the technology world.  One of things that I love about how far we have come is the ability for anyone to build apps.

My focus has been on the Windows Phone platform as that compliments my C# .Net WPF/Winforms day-to-day. 

Check out the Windows Phone store for my apps, just search for ByteMarq.  Comments and feedback are always welcome, positive or negative, as long as its constructive. #Notebox and #NoteboxPro are by far my leading apps on the Windows Phone platform at present, but I'm working on several new projects so watch this space...

I don't like being too strict when it comes to software design, but I do believe in KISS and YAGNI principles. Experience has shown that keeping things simple pays dividends as you are virtually guaranteed the original design/requirement will change in some way over the course of a project.

Despite being a technology company, you will find links to other industries and sites on this website, why? Well, we have other interests and like to enjoy life. You will work much better if you have a smile on your face. Live life :)